Good Afternoon Members,

It is February and only 3 weeks until the start of the “Last Great Race: Iditarod” in Alaska. Boy was my family and I very fortunate to be involved in this all Volunteer event for 15 years. Lorie my wife was a nurse, our daughter Olivia was a checkpoint Volunteer while I was the communication coordinator, i.e. Communication Project Manager with 80+ Volunteers to care for. Over the years we developed a Communication process and procedure which helped morph 80+ Volunteers into an effective Team. Each Volunteer understood how their contribution supported the strategic goal of the Mushers which was to care for their sled dogs and guide them safely to the finish line in Nome 1049 miles away.

Our Chapter members are our Team and I sometimes wonder if adequately communicate to each member how you fit into the larger picture of a PMI Chapter and its strategic goals. Is the Chapter and its educational offerings relevant to your day to day management challenges or to your career goal path? Does your $125.00 PMI membership + $20 Chapter membership fees provide a ROI? Are the Branch meetings too often, too business like, too short/long and are the presentations of interest to your needs?

As the happy Alaskan huskies and the musher work together to make it safely 1049 miles to their goal, what can I do to help the Willamette Valley PMI Chapter events be more relevant to your needs?
Drop me an email to with “What PMIWV can do to improve our consumer services” in the subject line. I will share all emails with your Board of Directors. I will answer each of those emails too.

A few facts on Iditarod Sled Dogs. Male average weight is 50 lbs., females 41 lbs. Average pulling weight is 50 lbs. for 1000+ miles. Average life expectancy is 15 years. Good temperament and child friendly. Quality of life they bring to a family..Priceless.

Take Care.


President Willamette Valley PMI