Time certainly moves quickly especially when we are enjoying our summer activities. I have heard from many friends that the beach, mountains, camping, 4th July fireworks, water sports and the idea of a Staycation have all provided much needed relief from the day to day grind. A few friends have travelled abroad, to Mexico, Canada and to my favorite Alaska. We spent 17 exciting years in Alaska raising boys into sub-adults and bringing one daughter into the world. I can safely say that how we explore the world with our children helps prepare them for their future. Who knows when you will be faced with how to handle a 2,000 pound moose blocking your driveway? Our hopes are that your time has been safe and relaxing!

We are looking forward to Labor Day, Monday 4 September as we celebrate the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, law and well-being of our country. Some believe this is the end of Summer?! In our family we believe it is the beginning of other activities with cooler weather.

Our three Branches will resume monthly meetings and in some cases regularly scheduled social events. Please check our calendar at www.pmiwv.org for Branch meetings.
Over the summer our Corvallis Branch provided a 12 week CAPM/PMP certification exam prep session. This was managed by Michael Miles with help from the Corvallis Branch President Kevin Hollinger. Our Thanks go out to Michael, Kevin and the HP management that provided an excellent learning environment at their Corvallis facilities.

Bend, Oregon news!! We have 20 Willamette Valley members in and around Bend. Over the past years our Chapter has hosted roundtable discussions for those members. Our next step in serving these practitioners of Project Management is for our chapter to host a CAPM/PMP certification exam prep session during August. The Instructor will be Jeff Busch leading 6 sessions that provided up to 40 contact hours. Jeff is a past PMIWV President and an international presenter, instructor, mentor and active supporter of our Chapter. Thanks Jeff!

We are actively seeking Bend “Champions” to help grow a Branch. If interested please drop me an email to my below address.
During 2017 our chapter is celebrating our 20th anniversary. We have invited our past presidents and founding member to pen a short article recounting their tenure. The below article is from Julie as to what was happening on her watch…

“” The Willamette Valley PMI in 2001/2002 was evolving and generating excitement on the importance of Project Management, Project Management Networking and Project Management Careers primarily in state government. The chapter had been initially formed in response to a legislative call to improve project management disciplines in government. Formal project management training was being developed and offered for new PMs to obtain an associate certification and experienced PMs to obtain their PMPs. By 2001, most of us as original charter members had obtained our PMPs and later went on to obtain additional certification. For example, I subsequently obtained the Portfolio Management Professional Certification. I’ve been known to keep a thorough database, files, information and tools, and located an agenda from the September 18, 2001 board meeting:

• Tax Exempt Status w/Head Quarters
• Upcoming Year Budgets/ Elections
• Speech Craft Education Event – Reschedule
• November Education Event – Focus
• Program Announcements

Although the board meeting agenda sounded rather drab, it brought back memories of the PMI leadership board being accessible, open and collaborative. The Chapter was being led by its own members, rather than a distant organization. We strived for the membership to stay connected, and to break out of our agency or company silos to share, network and develop professionally. And we engaged in a lot of laughter as we tried to figure out how you successfully run a non-profit organization with this drab agenda and actions needed.

These moments remind us of the power of our chapters, volunteering and our commitment to create experiences that excite and inspire our own career.

Julie Bozzi, PfPM, PMP
Practice Director
Portfolio Management
Cognosante Consulting “


Thanks Julie…great to hear from you! 

Our Chapter’s annual strategic summit will be held in late August. This summit is to discuss the needs of our membership in terms of educational session, outreach programs, volunteerism and our 2018 – 2020 strategy. Attendance is for all PMIWV Leadership with an open invitation to our membership. Your input shapes the programs we plan. We welcome any member and ask that if you will attend to email me early so I may adjust the room size.

Our monthly newsletter is only possible due to the Volunteerism of our past president Gary Terrell. Through his efforts our monthly newsletter is distributed to each of our 340+ members. We appreciate the help Gary!!
At some point Gary will need to hand off his newsletter to others. If you are interested in Volunteering for that position, please drop me an email...

See you at a Branch meeting…

Take Care Clyde president@pmiwv.org