Welcome to PMI Willamette Valley Chapter

PMIWV is centric in providing professional development through formal, established local networking and educational opportunities in project management. Here you receive support, opportunities to meet with peers from various industries through meetings, and engage in activities and educational programs.

  • Our Mission is to encourage and facilitate education, certification, and professional growth in project management.
  • Our Vision is to be a successful, vital and relevant project management community.
  • We are Unique as Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene branches. We support project management acumen in government, health care, engineering, higher education, and construction in the greater Willamette Valley.




October...the 10th month of the Julian calendar and the original 8th month in the Roman calendar. How
did October move from eighth to tenth month, Well, January and February was inserted by Roman King
Pompilius around 700BC since the 304 day calendar did not match the seasons and solar cycles. Way to
go King Pompilius!!
2 October, 1968...California’s Redwood National Park was established. Redwoods are the
tallest of all trees, growing up to 400 ft. during a lifetime that can span 2,000 years.

3 October, 1863...President Abraham Lincoln issued the proclamation designating the last
Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

17 October, 2017…The Willamette Valley PMI Chapter elections open. Open Chapter
positions are; Salem Branch President, Chapter VP Finance, Chapter VP Technology,
Chapter VP Programs and Chapter VP Membership. Not on the election is our need for a
Chapter Administrator.

31 October, 2017…Halloween arises on a Tuesday school night. Last year 600 million
pounds of candy was sold amounting to approx. $7.9B with another $7.9B spent on
costumes and decorations. Be careful !!


With Octoberfest and other Fall celebrations in process or coming our way,..

Events in Lane County..events in Baker City ....and then there are events in Portland … 

Thinking back to our life in Alaska, we were part of the annual wheelchair/handcycle race
in the early 2000’s when it was run from Fairbanks to Anchorage. Starting mid 2000’s the
race turned a new leaf and ran from Seward to Hatchers Pass covering 250+mile over 7
days. We all participated as Volunteers in that adventure.

As I close I wish to draw your attention to important dates for the 6th edition PMBOK.
According to the latest from PMI, the 6th edition PMBOK will hit the streets in early Jan
2018. The complimentary REP materials should be out in Feb – Mar 2018. The 6th edition
CAPM/PMP certification exams should take in Mar 2018.

Now as we know those dates are “Flexible”. Please use the www.pmi.org website as your
sure bet for information. At this time we are planning our 2018 Spring CAPM/PMP
certification exam prep in April/May.
A local requirement due to the 6th edition PMBOK is the need for Registered Instructors to
attend the 6th edition training session planned for Mar 2018. Questions, please drop me an
Our monthly newsletter is only possible due to the Volunteerism of our past president Gary Terrell.
Through his efforts our monthly newsletter is distributed to each of our 340+ members. We appreciate
the help Gary!!

See you at a Branch meeting…Take Care Clyde president@pmiwv.org