PMI Willamette Valley Chapter

2020 PMVC Presenter - Erik Gradine

Presenter Profile


Erik Gradine

Technical Program Manager


About Erik Gradine

Erik Gradine has worked for over 20 years at technology field, holding roles from Software Engineer, Software Architect, Team Lead, and now Program Manager. He currently manages several internationally distributed hardware development teams for Handheld Group, AB. He is a Certified SCRUM Master and Certified SCRUM Product Owner, along with training in Lean and TPS. He graduated from Oregon State University in 2000 with dual degrees in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences. A proud proponent of Agile software development, Erik relishes in living on the knife's edge between a smoothly working Agile team and complete chaos. As a father of twins, he has learned, if he could survive twin toddlers, he could manage any project.

Presenter Topic

LEAN in the real world - Case Study in a LEAN transformation

"They are a bunch of obstructionist do-nothings." Learn how a LEAN transformation did a 180 on a team's reputation. From root cause analysis, to the sales pitch, the application and the results. Follow this wild ride with a team went from zeros to heroes. 

Learning Objectives:
  • A broader definition of WASTE
  • How to identify KEY stakeholders
  • How to SELL a process change to stakeholders
  • How ONE change can lead to a total transformation