Dear fellow practitioners of Project Management…Allow me a few moments of your time to voice my appreciation as I step into the multifaceted responsibilities of being your Willamette Valley PMI Chapter President.

My thanks and appreciation goes out to Past Chapter President Mr. Gary Terrell whose guidance and determination i.e. grit has lead PMIWV through a number of internal and external trying times. Times where the Chapter faced being dissolved by PMI. Gary inspired his Directors and Administrator to “Boldly go forward” to correct the problem thus reducing risk. I applaud Gary, his Administrator and Directors for their courage. As of now, Gary fills the enviable Past President position for 6 months. Great to have Gary close at hand...

Our Willamette Valley Chapter is one of the few virtual PMI chapters with Branches. Our Branches are Corvallis, Eugene and Salem. Each of those Branch Presidents; Current Salem President Jared Cornman, Corvallis Past President Jason Brown and Eugene Past President Julie Smith succeeded against many opportunities to fail yet turned them into strengths. Thank you for your support and guidance.


Our Current Board of Directors have each decided to use their “Free Time” to support and drive the Chapter forward. I would like to thank them for their time and energy as we enter the 20th anniversary of our Chapter.

Chapter VP Technology Portfolio: Eric Anderson
Chapter VP Finance Portfolio: Lea Ann Hart-Chambers
Chapter VP Marketing Portfolio: Tze-Yiu Yong
Corvallis Branch President Portfolio: Kevin Hollinger
Eugene Branch President Portfolio: Jay Arrera
Salem Branch President Portfolio: Jared Cornman
Chapter VP Membership Portfolio: Vacant
Chapter VP Programs Portfolio: Vacant
Chapter Administrator: Vacant

If you are interested in serving at the Chapter level please drop me an email.

I look forward to working collaboratively with each and every member along with the current Branch Presidents; Salem Jared Cornman, Corvallis Kevin Hollinger and Eugene Jay Arrera. Our Transition meeting was rescheduled due to weather and safety considerations and will now occur Saturday, 21 Jan 2017. Each and every member is invited...let me rephrase that...encouraged to join your Leadership at the Transition meeting. If you decide to attend please email me so I can adjust the room and luncheon. Being a virtual chapter our membership is spread out North to South along the I-5 corridor from Portland to Ashland, Eastward over to Bend, Oregon Coastal along the Oregon coast and communities off the I-5 corridor. At last count we have 339 members. Our Branch Presidents and Directors have a challenging job to accomplish.

When asked to provide this letter, I had to think about what to say. Do I list my credentials, my education, my adventures and my project successes and near successes...what should I provide without sounding like chest pounding…and as for the photo that shows the “Badges of courage” I carry from unscheduled landings, scars, broken bones and beard, I opted for a family photo. I am in the middle. As many of you have teenagers, my wife Lorie have a 17 year old Daughter who will remain anonymous for now. As she is now leaning over my shoulder making suggestions, texting her friends, eating Dominoes chicken pieces she remarks with feelings, “ are a combination of all your experiences..why list them...just say what you practice each day with our family?” Could this be the answer from a teenage girl? Generation Z? OK let’s try…
I hold these items close to my heart and work hard to practice them in everyday life...

Servant Leadership, PMI should never interfere with family life, Treat all people with respect and dignity, Lead by example, Improvise, adapt, overcome, Build Leaders, Accept personal responsibility, Maintain a transparent environment, Make time for FUN, Refuse to tolerate dishonest, unethical or illegal behavior, Fly a plane once a month, Adopt another Alaskan husky, Thank a Vet, “what you put into life is what you get out of it “, and never forget why your dad told you to stand up straight when you talk to people…

Our 2017 Chapter Strategy includes hosting the PMI Region 1 Leadership conference in Eugene runs 31 March – 02 April. Leaders from Region 1’s 16 Chapters will congregate for 2.5 days of upper level management and project management workshops. Estimated attendance is 100 – 120. If you need to earn some PDUs and hear for free great presenters, contact Volunteer coordinator Laura.
Our Program Strategy includes educational events you the member have requested such as our 2 PMP/CAPM 12 week exam prep sessions. It includes a number of 3 – 4 day Boot Camp exam prep sessions. Our very successful Professional Development Conference (PDC) will return in the Fall. Plus our 8 monthly Branch meetings with relevant presentations and social events. Take the time to tell us what educational and social functions we can develop and provide to you by email.

As we look forward to the relevant role the PMI chapter plans in Project management education, we will become, “Agent of Change”. Our very culture, our next generations and the way businesses large and small and countries doing business will shape us as practitioners of Project Management. Join me and the other 338 members in helping “define the Role” of the Willamette Valley PMI Chapter and perhaps the way you practice Project Management... Join the Branches, engage is collaboration, enjoy the comradery, and at all cost inject FUN into the equation.

Thanks you for your time, your vote and decision to support the Willamette Valley PMI Chapter.

I am here to serve, respectfully,