Hack-for-a-Cause 2017

The Technology Association of Oregon is hosting their annual Hack-for-a-Cause. They are actively seeking participation from members of the PMI community.

The Technology Association of Oregon is hosting their annual Hack-For-A-Cause 4/7-4/9). During the event, organizations will pitch their problem statement and volunteer teams will compete for prizes to create prototypes to solve the problem. Last year some great solutions were created such as (a) a mobile website for Downtown Eugene Security ("red hats") to report incidents, (b) a fully functioning web and IVR system for school counselors to find real-time resources for at-risk youth (ex. "I don't feel safe at home and I need a place to sleep tonight"), and (c) a touch-screen kiosk for finding information about downtown restaurants and businesses during major tourism events.

This is a unique event where people have an opportunity to dramatically improve their community by providing creative technology solutions to complex social problems. It is a great creative opportunity because the teams are encouraged to to propose the solution themselves. And since the expectation is only for a prototype, restrictions of resources and schedule are not a concern. It is just an opportunity to innovate! You can participate as an individual as part of a team. When you show up for the event, if you are not already part of a team, you will have a chance to join others who are interested in solving the same problem you are. There is no prior experience or specific skills required.

This year, PMI is partnering with the TAO to help evangelize the role of the PM. They have embraced that partnership and are asking for PM volunteers to work with the 10 finalists to create a Project Charter.

During the event itself, you could continue with the project you have helped to charter, or you could join any team you want to help deliver a functioning prototype in the time allotted.

Please contact Jay Arrera (jayarrera@gmail.com) if you are interested in participating.


Jay Arrera, PMP
President, Eugene Branch
Willamette Valley Chapter of PMI