Albany, Oregon Saturday 26 August

As in all Volunteer organizations, the membership needs for career advancement, day to day management guidance and personal growth are important to be conveyed to the Leadership. The Leadership should take these inputs then develop a strategic plan that supports the membership. Leadership’s primary responsibility is to organize and fit those needs into a strategic plan. As in constructing a solid home framework, the building blocks should fit correctly and be of real value to the structure’s stability.

The Leadership of the Willamette Valley PMI Chapter is looking for your input either in person or through email. There is time set aside during our 2018 – 2020 Strategic Planning Summit on Saturday 26 August 2017 for you to provide our ideas. As the number of members expressing their ideas increases, the time allocated for each members will be around the 3 minutes. The best impact will be a 3 minutes presentation along with a handout if applicable. If you plan to attend, please drop me an email on or before Saturday 19 August 2017 so I may arrange room. After the membership presentations, the Chapter Leadership will begin its discussions for our 2018 – 2020 Strategy.

If you choose to provide your ideas via email, please send them to me, , on or before Saturday 19 August so I can include them in our discussions.

Strategic planning is key to every Project and Program including the care of our membership.

Please take this opportunity to step forward and help your Leadership help you in your career path.

Take Care Clyde