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PMIWV is centric in providing professional development through formal, established local networking and educational opportunities in project management. Here you receive support, opportunities to meet with peers from various industries through meetings, and engage in activities and educational programs.

  • Our Mission is to encourage and facilitate education, certification, and professional growth in project management.
  • Our Vision is to be a successful, vital and relevant project management community.
  • We are Unique as Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene branches. We support project management acumen in government, health care, engineering, higher education, and construction in the greater Willamette Valley.


Are you a government employee looking for training in project management? The Department of Adminstrative Services is offering state, city, county, and other government employees classes in project management.

Below are the courses scheduled for this fall and through the following year (2018) including the Oregon Project Management Certification Program (OPMCP). 

Executive Briefing – Class Dates:September 6 – Spots still available!

Introduction to Managing Projects – Class Dates: October 17, 18, 24 and 25 – Spots still available!

Portfolio Management - Class Dates: November 13, 14

Oregon Project Management Certification – Starting on January 16, 2018



Executive Briefing – Class Dates:September 6 – Spots still available!


This briefing examines, from a manager’s point of view, how to use projects to link organizational strategy to action. It covers the essential elements of an effective project management system, examines how project management integrates with other management functions, and shows how to be an effective management sponsor for a project. Cost: $350


To register: https://ilearn.oregon.gov//DL.aspx?id=50D0C42F23A8429C8479D07BE1CDD96B


Introduction to Managing Projects – Class Dates: October 17, 18, 24 and 25 – Spots still available!


This course is designed for emerging or occasional project managers, project sponsors, team members, and anyone interested in project management fundamentals, this 4-day course provides basic understanding, skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete projects.  Participants gain an overview of globally embraced project management concepts, standards, and best practices, as well as real world experience using specific tools, methods, and processes in a workshop setting.  Cost: $1,081


To register https://ilearn.oregon.gov//DL.aspx?id=741C213A360D4AA58A5AA40A6E13C60A  



Portfolio Management  - Class Dates: November 13, 14


This course is compatible with The Standard for Portfolio Management, 3rd edition by the Project Management Institute. Every organization has too many projects clamoring for insufficient resources. Often leaders respond by trying to do too much with too little. This starves the most important projects, wastes resources on the wrong work, and causes unbalanced risks and myopic horizons. Portfolio management is a proven antidote to this. It helps leaders look broadly across their organization to invest in the right projects and coordinate their execution. Cost: $875


To register: https://ilearn.oregon.gov//DL.aspx?id=979DC1D9C83D437D8C90AB8D9743F85A 


Oregon Project Management Certification – Starting on January 16, 2018

The OPMCP is the Oregon state government's premier project management development program. It is available to all state employees and local governments. The OPMCP is designed to develop leaders in all the project management disciplines. With work complexity increasing, project timelines decreasing, and public expectations rising, executing excellent project management practices is key achieving project success. The OPMCP is Oregon state government’s premier program, designed to develop leaders in all project disciplines.  The OPMCP’s foundation lies in globally embraced project management standards and methods. The program includes 14 learning modules delivered over 7 months, making attendance easier on busy schedules. Participants earn certification as an Oregon Project Management Associate (OPMA), signed by the Governor, by passing modular tests and a final exam.  Cost:  $3,335


Here’s a link to the schedule for each cohort http://www.oregon.gov/das/HR/Documents/PM_OPMCP.pdf   


To register go to iLearnOregon https://ilearn.oregon.gov//DL.aspx?id=6CC0A89686154E349A1185EBC5E64471  



Christal Lee

Workforce Planning Strategist
Chief Human Resources Office
Department of Administrative Services