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PMIWV is centric in providing professional development through formal, established local networking and educational opportunities in project management. Here you receive support, opportunities to meet with peers from various industries through meetings, and engage in activities and educational programs.

  • Our Mission is to encourage and facilitate education, certification, and professional growth in project management.
  • Our Vision is to be a successful, vital and relevant project management community.
  • We are Unique as Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene branches. We support project management acumen in government, health care, engineering, higher education, and construction in the greater Willamette Valley.



Happy Thanksgiving to each of our members from my family. Each family’s Thanksgiving tradition is
important and should be respected as well as enjoyed! This year we will be camping near the Umpqua
Lighthouse with food from a couple families.

November is a time of reflection and the thrill of planning family and friend holiday activities. Football
has returned..Soccer games are nearing an end and the family’s young adult’s higher education invoices
are in need of paying. Thank goodness for holidays and food!

November reminds us the year is coming to a close and the comfort of family togetherness during those
cold.., I mean wet winter days. So, we still need to cut the grass thou?? Anyway..

This spot was originally intended for an article of encouragement to VOTE. However... the response for
nominations and candidates did not fare well at all for us. In fact there are no candidates so the 2018
Leadership election is cancelled. That creates a challenge to our Chapter Leadership Team with the loss
of three Board Members. As Project Management Practitioners, we can call into play our SWOT process
to turn the WEAKNESS of no election candidates into an OPPORTUNITY for an individual to Volunteer
directly for a vacant position and avoid an election! Please consider contacting me with your interest in 
our available Volunteer Leadership positions. Help us remain relevant for our membership. 

2 November 2017…International Project Management (IPM) Day. First celebrated in or
about 2004, the IPM Day is the perfect day to recognize Project Management Practitioners
for finishing projects and bringing closure to the Team and Organization.

10 November 1775...The U.S. Marine Corp was established at part of our Navy. It became a
separate unit in 1789.

20 November 1858…Swedish author Selma Lagerlof was born in Varmland Providence
Sweden. She was a member of the Swedish Academy and in 1909 earned the Nobel Peace
Prize for literature.

23 November, 2017…Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy!!

30 November, 1874...Winston Churchill birthday in Blenheim Palace, Oxford, England. His
view of Project Management, “There is in the act of PLANNING, the moment you start to CARE”
Winston Churchill

Reminder to those considering attending a 2018 PMIWV CAPM/PMP exam Prep Session…

I would like to draw your attention to important dates for the 6th edition PMBOK. According
to the latest from PMI, the 6th edition PMBOK will hit the streets in September 2017. The
complimentary REP materials should be out in Feb – Mar 2018. The 6th edition CAPM/PMP
certification exams should begin 26 Mar 2018. Plan your course carefully to the dates we

Attention PMIWV Registered Instructors…

A local requirement due to the 6th edition PMBOK
is the need for All Registered Instructors to attend the 6th edition training session planned
for Mar 2018. All PMIWV Instructors existing and new, will need to attend the 1 day FREE
training session in able to instruct in 2018. Questions, please drop me an email...

Our monthly newsletter is only possible due to the Volunteerism of our past president Gary Terrell.
Through his efforts our monthly newsletter is distributed to each of our 340+ members. We appreciate
the help Gary!!



See you at a Branch meeting…Take Care Clyde president@pmiwv.org