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PMIWV is centric in providing professional development through formal, established local networking and educational opportunities in project management. Here you receive support, opportunities to meet with peers from various industries through meetings, and engage in activities and educational programs.

  • Our Mission is to encourage and facilitate education, certification, and professional growth in project management.
  • Our Vision is to be a successful, vital and relevant project management community.
  • We are Unique as Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene branches. We support project management acumen in government, health care, engineering, higher education, and construction in the greater Willamette Valley.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each of our members from my family. No matter what the language you say Merry Christmas in, please enjoy the holidays in any way that brings your peace and joy!

As our Family’s holiday events increase through November and peak with Christmas and then on into New Years...we contemplate what new adventures we will have in 2018. Will it be travel, work, moving, education or perhaps that vacation…?

Our TV and other programming outlets are full of Holiday movies, films and plays that show us that these Holidays are time for renewal of our family, friend’s bonds as well as where we are going in our careers and work. My wife and I agreed many, many years ago that each new opportunity, i.e. adventure either one of us encountered should be seriously reviewed. What does it mean to the family, to our friend and most important to our kids and their outlook on life? Our overall success rate with Adventures is very high and I say very rewarding. We saw many parts of the world that no others would even consider seeing plus meeting new friends, enjoying new foods and participating in cultures not found in the Appalachians of North Carolina.

Here are a few interesting dates in December…

2 December 2017…Annual PMIWV Chapter meeting in Albany. This is the one time all members are invited to gather for a good meal at a great price and learn about what you and your chapter were able to accomplish. Then we can discuss our events for 2018. Details are on our website home page. You must register at our website to ensure food and space is available by 1 Dec 2017. We look forward to seeing you there

10 December 2017…National Human Rights day. The United Nations General Assembly created the first Human Rights day on 10 Dec 1948. The day has been promoted annually by the U.N. and by Human Rights Groups around the world.

18 December 2017… Eat cookie day. It is a celebrated tradition and holiday however I could not find the origin. Oh Well...eat cookies!

21 December 2017…Winter Solstice occurs in Oregon with 8 hr. 42 min 11 secs from sunrise to sunset. Be glad you are not in Barrow, Alaska where our friends live and work since the sun sets 18 Nov and does not rise again until 22 Jan 2018! Now that is a long winter nap.

25 December 2017…Merry Christmas to all!!!

30 December 2017…International Bacon day. Enjoy bacon at every meal. Conflicting reports say both Massachusetts and Colorado started the day. Either way…Let us Eat Bacon!!

December 1962...The United States Department of Defense mandated the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) approach as part of the Polaris submarine ballistic missile launch Program. This was later adapted by private industry and is in use today.

13 January 2018… Leadership transition meeting in Albany. Here the Chapter Leaders, and any other PMIWV member, can attend as we discuss the service programs and their implementation in 2018. I encourage any and all PMIWV members that are interested in how “PMIWV works” to RSVP me by 3 Jan so I may arrange room and food. Attending the meeting does not obligate you to Volunteering...but you could!!

Reminder to those considering attending a 2018 PMIWV CAPM/PMP exam Prep Session…I would like to draw your attention to important dates for the 6th edition PMBOK. According to the latest from PMI, the 6th edition PMBOK will hit the streets in September 2017. The complimentary REP materials should be out in Feb – Mar 2018. The 6th edition CAPM/PMP certification exams should begin 26 Mar 2018. Plan your course carefully to the dates we know.

Attention PMIWV Registered Instructors…A local requirement due to the 6th edition PMBOK is the need for All Registered Instructors to attend the 6th edition training session planned for Mar 2018.  All PMIWV Instructors existing and new, will need to attend the 1 day FREE training session in able to instruct in 2018. Questions, please drop me an email...

Our monthly newsletter is only possible due to the Volunteerism of our past president Gary Terrell. Through his efforts our monthly newsletter is distributed to each of our 340+ members. We appreciate the help Gary!!

The best to you and yours this holiday season…Take Care Clyde president@pmiwv.org