Team Motivation, Self Motivation and their interdependency

If Motivation is an inner force that causes or induces us to do something, and what motivates one person may not necessarily motivate another (Burke, Barron, 2014) Is it possible to motivate teams? And If each individual has its own motivating factors then how does a Project Manager motivates a group of people towards the same objective? Will their personal motivations hinder or help the team performance?

Katzenbach and Smith (1993) suggests that in order for teams to develop their performance, strong commitment to one another's development and success must exist, and Barron and Burke advice commitment should be inspired by the appropriate style of leadership to control the project environment. Thus the actions to motivate should inspire an environment of mutual and reciprocal support.

Park, Spitzmuller and DeShon (2013) developed a theory of interdependent regulatory dynamics. This theory emphasizes the interdependent and dynamic nature of team motivation, it depicts the processes in which team members decide how to allocate their efforts and resources between individual goals and team goals, and it identifies the multiple pathways through which teams coordinate and regulate their collective efforts over time.

Proposition 1: Team feedback loop and individual feedback loops influence each other in a reciprocal manner such that

a. the team feedback loop is influenced by self-regulatory dynamics on the individual level of analysis.

b. individual feedback loops are influenced by interdependent regulatory dynamics on the team level.

Do you believe motivation is contagious?

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