Chapter VP of Finance

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Common responsibilities for all Board Members
  • Preparation of the annual chapter level operating budget based on branch and board input
  • Annual Summary of the Calendar year finances
  • Ensure Taxes are paid
  • Maintain finance needs for Chapter work
  • Maintain VP of Finance documentation
  • Provide recommendations for improving the chapter finance processes


Chapter VP of Programs

Roles & Responsibilities

The VP of Programs shall be responsible for professional development, education and chapter events in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws. Responsible for the development of chapter education activities to include:

  • All board member responsibilities
  • Preparation and maintenance of PMI’s certifications
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local colleges, universities and other Project Management organizations
  • Serve as liaison to the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF)..Move to PMIEF representative
  • Responsible for establishing and managing chapter professional development programs, live and on-line, maintain relationships with Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)
  • Develop and implement a chapter professional development plan, including a program roadmap for professional development content programs
  • Provide information and guidance to members and nonmembers on certification/re-certification in the context of PMI
  • Management of Chapter and Branch assets (projector, screen, signs, etc.) MOVE TO BRANCH RESOURCES & ADMINISTRATOR
  • Maintenance and Development of Program’s Portfolio documentation and resources for event implementation such as presenter history and frequency, presenter contact information, event planning checklists, etc. then proved to Operational Manual maintainer
  • Provide the information necessary to market the education, PMI certification, as well as training opportunities offered by the chapter
  • Develop plans for and coordinate the chapter’s external educational activities, such as study groups, seminars, workshops, courses, professional development days and other educational activities
  • Seek new project management professional development programs and services through networking with other educational organizations and PMI chapters
  • Maintain Program Portfolio Volunteer position statements
  • Recruit, assemble, train, recognize and retain volunteers for Program’s Portfolio responsibilities


VP of Membership

Roles & Responsibilities

The Branch VP of Membership manages membership recognition and volunteer recruiting and coordination at the Branch level.

  • All board member responsibilities
  • Work in conjunction with the Chapter VP of Membership to support Chapter strategic goals and targets relating to membership
  • Liaison with current and prospective members (questions, concerns, etc.)
  • Membership retention review and follow-up
  • Contribute questions addressing Branch concerns to annual membership survey
  • Coordinate volunteer appreciation recognition at the Branch
  • Acknowledgement of new or newly certified members at monthly meetings


VP of Technology

Roles & Responsibilities

The VP of Information Technology is responsible for all administrative rights, access to Chapter data, and permissions to technological tools used by the Board members and volunteers.

  • All board member responsibilities
  • Application of PMI Global brand standards to outward website and communication
  • Oversight and management of the Chapter website and other technological tools such as domain email addresses
  • Manage Chapter and Branch access to technological tools used by the Board
  • Provide training to Board Members on how to use technological tools effectively
  • Oversight of the Chapter monthly newsletter email
  • Coordination with Branch Board Members and volunteers for online promotion and registration process for events
  • The primary contact for all issues that involve the use of technology by the chapter. The VP acts as consultant to the Chapter Board on technology. The position may be asked to do research on available technology solutions to support new chapter needs.
  • Maintains inventory of all technologies used by the chapter and provides administrative oversight for technology and technology operational issues.
  • Takes responsibility for maintaining the relationship with Proteon, the web site vendor and handles all support requests that are referred to Proteon
  • Familiar with all aspect of operational technologies in place and be able to provide backup support technology team volunteers as needed.
  • Recruits, assists and provides training to technology team volunteers and branch members who post to the website.
  • Maintains chapter documentation for this position and the technology team positions.
  • Maintains templates for luncheon articles, luncheon registrations, prep class registrations, PDD event registrations.
  • Trains, supports and assists chapter leaders who wish to post articles and create registration events.
  • Serve as Lead of the Chapter Technology team which is composed of the Branch Technology VP's and other volunteers dedicated to technology tasks
  • Maintain the list of email addresses to member names. Since many email accounts are issued on a temporary basic it is good to know what is in use and who is using it.
  • In the event that Chapter President has not named a Secretary or delegated duties of the Secretary position (defined in the Bylaws), the VP of Information Technology will serve as the defacto Secretary


Salem Branch President

Roles & Responsibilities

The Branch President is responsible for leadership and management for the local Branch he or she represents.

  • All board member responsibilities
  • Representation on the Chapter Board, or appointment of a Branch Representative to fill this role. Specific duties for this role include:
  • Representing membership concerns, complaints, and desires from the geographic area served by the Branch;
  • Reporting monthly status of Branch activities to the Chapter Board and conversely Chapter activities to the Branch Board;
  • Responsible for implementation of Chapter strategic objectives and goals at the Branch level;
  • Annual fiscal and operational planning for Branch activities;
  • Chair Branch board meetings and local strategic planning meetings, including scheduling, setting the agenda, and presiding over the meeting;
  • Board member succession, including recruiting of replacement Board Members to vacant positions;
  • Recruitment of volunteers for Branch board
  • Recruitment of volunteers for executing Branch events;
  • Monthly, periodic, and annual reporting as required to the Chapter. An example may include the materials for the Branch which go towards the submission of the annual application for charter renewal.