Welcome to PMI Willamette Valley Chapter

PMIWV is centric in providing professional development through formal, established local networking and educational opportunities in project management. Here you receive support, opportunities to meet with peers from various industries through meetings, and engage in activities and educational programs.

  • Our Mission is to encourage and facilitate education, certification, and professional growth in project management.
  • Our Vision is to be a successful, vital and relevant project management community.
  • We are Unique as Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene branches. We support project management acumen in government, health care, engineering, higher education, and construction in the greater Willamette Valley.


As our summer vacations come to an end, school return to the routine, our Branch PMI meetings start up along with the hope that all wildfires have subsided…yes it is September!

..And we have two outstanding events for you to participate in.

* Leadership Elections! Beginning 30 Aug – 20 Sept 2018 is our Leadership election. Please take this opportunity to cast your vote. On this year’s ballot are the following positions:

Chapter VP Marketing

Corvallis Branch President ** space for a write in vote has been added

Eugene Branch President

Chapter President

* Chapter Membership Business meeting/dinner! This is an annual event to continue our transparency goal and to comply with our Bylaws. This is a nice dinner for members and their plus one with a short meeting attached. We will take time to recognize and celebrate our Volunteers of the past events. Our Chapter and Branch activities and events have been successful due in part to the determination and grit of our Volunteers! We will review the Chapter’s past educational events, social and business activities, financials, and ask for your suggestions for our 2019 – 2010 notional goals options. Along with your goal selections, survey results and past event participation… our Leadership Team will plot our 2019 -2020 future in our October Strategic planning summit. We will also announce the results of our Leadership election.

To provide adequate membership notice of this event we have selected Friday evening, 21 September 2018. At this time a number of physical locations are still under consideration.

We encourage all members to attend, participate and enjoy the comradery.

Important dates to “Save”…

30 Aug… Election polls open

 7 Sept… Registration opens for Chapter Membership Business Dinner

20 Sept… Last opportunity to vote in the 2019 Leadership election

21 Sept…Chapter Membership Business Dinner & election results

20 Oct…Chapter and Branch Strategic Planning summit


Projects in process

Our “Thanks” to our own Jason Brown and Ben Kahn from the State of Oregon’s OPMAB along with their 2018 Professional Develop Conference Team members. Their combined efforts will provide a high quality conference Friday, 2 November 2018. As Directors, we look for your input and guidance in the events PMIWV provides. Check our website for details and registration information. Contact Jason at pdc2018@pmiwv.org if interested.

Exploring relationship with Higher education institutions…Since February 2018 Chapter Leaders have been developing the approach to build relationships in collaboration with institutions of higher education. One of the goals over the past two years has been to develop a path or bridge for those wanting to become project management practitioners. A path that begins in community colleges and continues through universities. We believe we can create a learning path for those who are new to the disciple, maintaining certification, returning to the discipline and those desiring advanced degrees. PMI chapters can be the link that brings those opportunities to light. Knowing this is a long term, complex Project we are seeking Volunteers to participate as we explore the opportunities. These discussions are on-going as we develop to appropriate relationship model. Drop me a note if interested.  president@pmiwv.org .

I would like to close with my appreciation to each Volunteer with a Leadership responsibility. Your time for Family, Work and other activities is valuable. Thank you for finding quality time for our Chapter.   Take Care Clyde