Chapter Elections Announcement

It's election time again and our Willamette Valley PMI Chapter is welcoming nominations for new board members for this election cycle.

If you're looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and serve our local project management community, volunteering for the Chapter Board is a rewarding experience that includes lasting friendships and fond memories of the value and benefits you helped provide.

The following Chapter Board positions are open for nominations:

  • Chapter President
  • Chapter VP Marketing
  • President Eugene Branch
  • President Corvallis Branch

For more information on Board Member qualifications, roles and responsibilities, please follow this link to Chapter and Branch Positions.


Who, How, What & When

  • Chapter members can either nominate another chapter member in good standing, or nominate themselves.
  • Email nominations or questions regarding the election to
  • Nominees will be asked to provide a photo to post on the chapter website along with a brief bio and statement.
  • Nominations can be submitted between July 13 and August 11, 2018.


The following positions within the PMIWV Chapter are open for nominations from July 13, 2018 through August 11, 2018:

• Chapter President
• Chapter VP Marketing
• President Eugene Branch
• President Corvallis Branch

Other positions open but not required for nomination:
• Chapter Administrator
• Chapter Newsletter Editor

If you are interested or would like to nominate someone to these positions, send your recommendation to


Requirements of All Chapter Board Positions
All Chapter Board Members must meet the following requirements according to the Chapter Bylaws:
• Be a member of the Chapter in good standing
• Is required to attend at least one Chapter or Branch event per calendar quarter, excluding the months of June, July, and August.
All Chapter Board Members are responsible for:
• Serving a two-year term duration when elected, followed by a 6 month advisory term of past-president or past-VP.
• Attending all monthly board meetings and periodic strategy sessions
• Replying to motions in person or via email within 3 business days for decisions between meetings
• Retention and archival of permanent records associated with each position
• Information handoff and transition to the position successor
• Maintenance or creation of position documentation
• Making efforts to interact with the general membership, and responding to questions or concerns in a timely manner
• Travel availability and preparations in association with PMI leadership conferences. The Chapter makes the best effort to send as many Board Members as possible to a Regional or National PMI Leadership event annually.
As a group, the Chapter Board Members are responsible for:
• Approval of Chapter budget
• Review and approval of proposed Chapter motions and events


Chapter Board Positions

I am the Chapter President
Roles & Responsibilities
• Implementation of Chapter policies, procedures, roles, and structures, as it pertains to the vision and strategic direction of the Chapter;
• Chair Chapter board meetings, annual strategic meetings, and General Meetings of the membership, including scheduling, setting the agenda, and presiding over the meeting;
• Delegate Secretary position’s duties (as outlined in by-laws) to other chapter board members or volunteers to keep records of board meetings.
• Monthly, periodic, and annual reporting as required to the PMI Global Operations Center;
• Manage the annual Chapter Charter renewal with the PMI Global Operations Center;
• Serving as the PMIWV Liaison to the Region, including attending monthly regional conference calls and performing actions items generated out of those meetings;
• Liaison to other PMI components;
• Respond to information requests regarding PMI, PMIWV and related programs;
• Managing Board Member succession, including appointments of replacement Board Members to vacant positions;
• Appointment of Nomination and Election Committees
• Oversight of various program disciplines, including Finance, Marketing, Communications, Information Technology, etc. Disciplines are detailed within the Chapter Operations Manual.

I am the Chapter VP of Marketing
Roles & Responsibilities
The VP of Marketing shall oversee Chapter marketing strategy and deployment. Responsible for the strategic marketing development and objectives, budget forecasting for marketing events, and management and facilitation of marking activities and materials.
• All board member responsibilities
• Development of the annual marketing plan to support Chapter strategic goals
• Curation of PMI-WV Marketing Control document.
• Oversight of marketing for Chapter and Branch function including advertising and mass mailings
• Assist with coordinating communications for events; determine what messages need to be delivered, when, and best medium;
• Application of PMI Global brand standards to outward marketing
• Coordination with VP of Information Technology on website and newsletter content 

Branch Board Positions

I am the Branch President
Roles & Responsibilities
The Branch President is responsible for leadership and management for the local Branch he or she represents.
• All board member responsibilities
• Representation on the Chapter Board, or appointment of a Branch Representative to fill this role. Specific duties for this role include:
• Representing membership concerns, complaints, and desires from the geographic area served by the Branch;
• Reporting monthly status of Branch activities to the Chapter Board and conversely Chapter activities to the Branch Board;
• Responsible for implementation of Chapter strategic objectives and goals at the Branch level;
• Annual fiscal and operational planning for Branch activities;
• Chair Branch board meetings and local strategic planning meetings, including scheduling, setting the agenda, and presiding over the meeting;
• Board member succession, including recruiting of replacement Board Members to vacant positions;
• Recruitment of volunteers for Branch board
• Recruitment of volunteers for executing Branch events;
• Monthly, periodic, and annual reporting as required to the Chapter. An example may include the materials for the Branch which go towards the submission of the annual application for charter renewal.


Open Positions that support the chapter:

I am the Chapter Administrator
Roles & Responsibilities
• Common responsibilities for all Board Members
• Coordinate and distribute board meeting agendas
• Collect, coordinate and distribute current board initiative status reports
• Maintain chapter document archive
• Maintain Operations Manual

I am Chapter Newsletter Editor
Roles & Responsibilities
• Coordinate with VP Technology, VP Marketing, and Chapter Presidents regarding articles and chapter news to create monthly and bi-monthly newsletters.