Company Name: Logic at Work LLC

Location: 95-100% remote

Position Summary

Outstanding opportunity for either an experienced project manager, or a motivated junior project manager 
who wants to learn and grow.
The end client is a small, rapidly growing biotechnology startup. Your strong interest or
background in science, chemistry, biochemistry, gene/cell therapy, biopharma will be helpful.
This is a challenging, fast-paced, fun position. The client culture is focused on friendly,
productive cooperation. Very nice and highly qualified project teams make this position unusually rewarding.
As the Senior Project Manager for this client I am looking for a co-PM to work together with me on
multiple projects and keep this client happy – and they are fully happy at this point.
12-month contract with annual extensions for proven hires. Full time. $50-75 per hour based upon your qualifications.
I can be reached by phone or email to discuss this opportunity.

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