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Tom Esch

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About Tom Esch

Tom Esch has been having courageous conversations since 1969 when a wiffleball game ended badly in the backyard.  He has inspired more than 25,000 people with his unique and engaging messages related to communication, leadership and culture change.  Esch has a proven track record as a keynote speaker.  He is inspiring, enthusiastic, empathetic, challenging, engaging and funny.  

He has conducted highly reviewed full day trainings and morning and evening events for PMI chapters many other associations for a long time.  

He is willing to address challenging interpersonal and organizational situations.  He will own his unconscious privileges and admit mistakes in communication, without getting stuck in a defensive posture.  He has heart for people on the margins, including lonely leaders.  He has a sharp mind for assessing, analyzing and consulting.   

He has two master’s degrees, one in “Conflict Resolution” and the other in Theology from the University of Notre Dame.  He is a former minister and spent 20 years in the construction industry as a culture change consultant and salesman.

He just published a book called Personal Accountability and POWER: How Contractors Can Build a Stronger Safety Culture.  

In the daytime he is President of Esch Consulting, LLC.  At night he is Fr. Vito Incognido, stand up comic.    

Presenter Topic

Emotional Intelligence and POWER for Project Managers

The most effective project managers are those who have strong emotional intelligence and a keen understanding of how power impacts the human side of things.  The ability to influence outcomes and manage conflict is directly related to how you relate to other people.  This is more important now than ever, in a world which is, for many people, increasingly more polarized and stressful.


There are three objectives in this program:

1. To help project managers see the connection between emotional intelligence and the ability to impact outcomes.
2. To offer tools for increasing emotional intelligence
3. To enable participants to understand what they need to do in order to become more powerful in their role as project managers