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Erik Gradine

Technical Program Manager


About Erik Gradine

Erik Gradine has worked for over 20 years at technology field, holding roles from Software Engineer, Software Architect, Team Lead, and now Program Manager. He currently manages several internationally distributed hardware development teams for Handheld Group, AB. He is a Certified SCRUM Master and Certified SCRUM Product Owner, along with training in Lean and TPS. He graduated from Oregon State University in 2000 with dual degrees in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences. A proud proponent of Agile software development, Erik relishes in living on the knife's edge between a smoothly working Agile team and complete chaos. As a father of twins, he has learned, if he could survive twin toddlers, he could manage any project.

Presenter Topic

Pop Culture and Project Management

The world is full of examples of ways to improve our craft. You might listen to a Project Management podcast. Read a book on Risk Management. Or attend a conference on Project Management :)
There are many other places and ways to learn our craft. Ways that may not seem obvious at first, but the rewards are just as great for the discovery.


Learning Objectives:
  • Gain a valuable lesson on Project Leadership... From a book about a Holocaust survivor.
  • Gain the ultimate Project Management mentor... From the main character in a kids movie.
  • Gain valuable practice and an opportunity to teach your fiends and family what you actually do... By playing a fun, easy to learn, and intense game with them... and save the world!
  • Come learn all the hidden ways Project Management is everywhere in the world!