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Jimmy Godard


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Jimmy J Godard is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and one of the best at organizational IT changes. For more than 22 years, he has led global changes with diverse teams, helped non-profit organizations, coached IT leaders at leading with passion and purpose and reaching their full potential.

Jimmy's leadership journey and professional experience over the last two decades in the worlds of information technology and business are incredible. He made his debut in the financial industry as a peak-time teller. He ascended to a Senior program, change, and service delivery manager. He implements global technology changes that have an impact on people, process, and technology.

He has a unique perspective both on the business and technology sides. He holds a master's degree in computer information systems, a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a certified goal success coach, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Information Systems and Technology. He is an instigator of process improvement and innovation with an unwavering determination to bring about results. He implements global technology integration efforts for Infrastructure, End User Computing, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures.

He is very involved in philanthropist activities in the Portland and SW Washington communities. He is an active coach of soccer (2-3 teams). He also performs service projects yearly around the globe including and not limited to the countries of Haiti, Cambodia, Uganda, and Nigeria.

Today, Jimmy is a sought-after international speaker, goal success coach, project manager, program manager, and IT adviser. Jimmy is an excellent choice for businesses, nonprofits, leaders, project teams, business analysis, and boards looking for coaching and consulting on project, program, and change management.

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In the globalized economy, organizations have developed the capacity to respond and adapt quickly in changing environments. Teams are foundational to ensure companies thrive, keep up and cater to predictable changes, and react to unpredictable challenges.

Many teams are now remote, adapting to changing circumstances, and organizational leaders must lead their teams to a new workplace structure and enable them to re-engage and adjust to new ways of working. Virtual teams are a necessity to respond to the challenge of globalization, customer demands, and a new normal.



While more present today, virtual teams are not new. However, many leaders may not be familiar with their intricacies. Many employees struggle to adjust to the format. Leaders who want to lead their teams to success must attend this session to:

  • Organize virtual teams in the workplace
  • Understand the nature of virtual teams: advantages and disadvantages
  • Apply team leadership strategies for virtual teams' effectiveness
  • Apply strategies to enhance team trust and communication
  • Apply strategies for leading global teams