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Alan Mallory



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Alan is an international speaker, author and performance coach who is passionate about leadership and reaching new heights in all that we do! His unique philosophy of life revolves around empowering people and embracing an agile mentality focused on goals and results. By understanding what drives and motivates us, we are able to cultivate more innovative and effective ways of thinking and taking action. Alan holds a degree in Engineering from Queen’s University and a Masters in Psychology from Adler University, giving him a well-balanced approach to the outer and inner challenges we all face. Alan has worked internationally with large organizations as a professional engineer and project manager developing patents and solutions to complex challenges in the mining and metals industry. Living and working abroad has given him the opportunity to deepen his understanding of individual and team challenges, better appreciate cultural diversity and successfully adapt to different organizational structures. Building experience through a lifestyle of adventure and challenge, in the spring of 2008 Alan embarked on the journey of a lifetime and set a world record on Mount Everest along with three members of his immediate family. It was a two-month expedition through some of the most exciting yet terrifying conditions imaginable and their success demanded an unwavering perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. Alan delivers a number of exciting presentations and training programs designed to help individuals, team members and organizations reach new heights in the way we think and the actions we take in order to achieve breakthrough performance.

Presenter Topic

Project Everest: Hybrid Agile Strategies for Reaching New Heights in Project Management

Climbing Mount Everest is considered one of humanity’s greatest feats of physical, mental and emotional endurance. The exciting expedition to the top of the world’s highest peak is a journey filled with unparalleled challenges and some of the roughest, most extreme conditions imaginable. Alan Mallory took on the challenge and set a world record when he, along with three other members of his immediate family, reached the summit. Alan’s dynamic presentation focuses on agile thinking, tools and strategies as well as comparing and contrasting these elements to a more traditional waterfall approach. It is an engaging visual and educational journey that is supported by many of the stunning photos and short videos captured along the expedition. Alan’s keynote reinforces the importance of numerous project areas such as strategic planning, effective communication, risk management, teamwork and development of trust within professional relationships as well as the mentality and passion involved in conquering one’s own Everest, whatever that may be. The real story is much more than the climb; it is about a purpose-driven team that set an ambitious goal, committed to the planning and preparation, persevered with passion and achieved success. The powerful strategies and skills that contributed to this achievement, especially during the intense and at many times critical situations, can be applied to all projects. 


Emotional Intelligence for Managing Diverse and Complex Teams

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, manage and purposefully express our own emotions as well understand and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. This is a crucial capacity to develop for project managers as it plays such a critical role in motivating team members, problem solving, resolving conflicts and in building relationships. Alan’s emotional intelligence keynote helps develop leaders and strengthen teams by exploring the skills and mindsets that are essential for emotional growth. It includes practical tools and examples that can be implemented to achieve results, and Alan’s own transformation is evidence of this. Our attitudes, moods and overall happiness in life are closely tied to our level of emotional maturity. We can become an inspiration for our team members, our family members, our friends, and ourselves if we focus on making incremental positive changes in our lives. Alan’s philosophy of life revolves around living proactively rather than reactively and he has infused his proactive approach into the tools, strategies, discussions and activities that he shares throughout this engaging program on emotional intelligence.