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Joy OHearn

Senior Project Manager


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About Joy OHearn

Joy has worked in the technology sector for 30+ years in various project and product management roles. She has spent the much of her career employed with technology leaders and business innovators including Intel, MCI and ADP. She has led numerous projects and acquired a vast experience within the areas of procurement, contracts development and oversight. She came to the State of Oregon in 2009 as a Senior Project Manager. Throughout her tenure at the State, Joy has managed numerous business partner relationships. Joy is currently working for the Oregon Department of Transportation in the Information Systems section. She is embedded with the Office of Innovation’s, Road Usage Charge Program. In this capacity, she is managing large multimillion-dollar projects and quality assurance.

Presenter Topic

Self Driving - Contract Management
The discipline of contact management can be tedious. Managing and mapping deliverables to the contract can be time consuming. What if you could create a more automated self driving process for tracking deliverables and integrate it into the overarching project or operational workflow? Often we are in a contract language mindset when we write deliverable descriptions. After contract execution we realize that what looks good on paper is not easy to manage or doesn't add value to the process.
Joy will share a contract structure that one team put in place to support the long term objectives of the program. She will also illustrate the tools the team is using to administer the contract process and how those tools add value beyond contract administration.
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