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D. Scott Smith, MBA

Motivational Listener


About D. Scott Smith

Scott is a speaker, coach, and mentor who will inspire and motivate you. He works with businesses and individuals across the county.

Scott's most recent book (a field guide) is "Relationships: Grow Your Business - A Networking Method and Formula". He has also published “Motivational Listener: Be Interesting by Being Interested. Practical Skills to Be Successful at Business Networking Events”,  and “Threnody: 19th Century Sensibility Proves People Have Not Changed”.

Scott created the Independent Planner, an analog calendar with a unique daily Goal Tracking system. This planner was created specifically for solo entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, and small business owners.

Prior to becoming a full-on entrepreneur, Scott worked in large and small companies in leadership roles which include CEO, COO, and General Manager. He has lived and breathed financial services, agriculture, and manufacturing. He is involved with joint ventures because he believes in the power of networking. Scott speaks on being a Motivational Listener (business networking), Leadership, and Intentional Change. 

Business Networking is essential for business and careers – but what do you actually do at events? How do you connect with a stranger? Scott teaches his science-based method to quickly and confidently build a network of advocates. Check out his online courses, and books.

Scott and his wife, Christine, will be celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary in 2021. They have three children. You may see his bass or guitars on a video call. He loves to play music as often as he can.

Presenter Topic

Relationships: Grow Your Influence

We have found creative ways to stay connected. It's often been said, "your network is your net worth." How does that play out in real life? Scott has a proprietary, science-based method of examining your professional network. The method developed and taught by Scott provides structure to professional networking and defines the roles different members play within our networks. When we intentionally "lean into" our professional networks, influence and effectiveness increases.
Learning Objectives:
  • What is networking (not attending events)
  • Relationship of informal leadership & networking to influence
  • Learn a method and process for networking
  • Have a structure for the roles of those in your network
  • Six steps to successfully connect to new people