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Julie Kowalski


About Julie Kowalski

Julie Kowalski is a seasoned thought leader, inspiring coach, and superb facilitator, who brings over 20 years of success with helping companies and individuals elevate performance. Through her own working history, Julie has gained valuable insight and acumen into the science of what it takes to start and run successful businesses, as well as the art of earning and retaining customer and employee loyalty. 

Julie Kowalski founded Spizzerinctum Group in 2001 to bring her passion for creative and critical thinking to a diverse set of clients. Over the past 20 years she has partnered with individuals and organizations to remove roadblocks, spark innovation, challenge the status quo and assumptions, and accelerate growth.  

Julie was named one of the world's most creative thinkers by best-selling author Seth Godin.  

Julie's enthusiasm, energy, command of the subject, coupled with her passion and creativity ensures other's success. 

Presenter Topic

Problem Solving Using Critical Thinking Skills

In our ever-changing world, innovative problem solving is of high value, yet very few people know how to use critical thinking skills to make better decisions and solve problems more creatively, accurately, and expediently.  In this session we will learn the steps to engaging in critical thinking as well as the 9 intellectual standards and walk away with a critical thinking cheat sheet to be able to refer to going forward and solve problems using critical thinking skills.  

 Topics Include:

  • The 9 intellectual standards of critical thinking
  • How to apply critical thinking skills to make better decisions
  • How to solve problems creatively, accurately, and rapidly!
  • Tips and tools to immediately apply to your role

You do not want to miss this session!  Participate in this dynamic and engaging presentation from one of the world’s most creative thinkers, and walk away with the skills, tips, and tools you need to solve problems and make better decisions!

Learning Objectives:
  • A strong understanding of how to use critical thinking to make better decisions
  • A critical thinking cheat sheet
  • The 9 intellectual standards cheat sheet
  • Tips and tools to immediately apply your critical thinking skills to solve problems and make better decisions more effectively