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Marketing Strategies -  the Core Organizational Philosophy

Presenter:  Jesse Smith, MBA, Strategic Solutions

How can an organization delight its customers, compensate its employees well, reward its managers and owners, and simultaneously invest in its own sustainable future growth?  Many people view these as fundamentally incompatible objectives: but Jesse Smith, MBA believes that a well-thought-out marketing and branding strategy can help businesses achieve all these goals.  In his presentation to PMIWV on October 21, Smith will discuss the modern view of "marketing" as a core organizational philosophy (not merely an occasional activity to promote a sale just in time for the holidays) and briefly outline some of the strategies that marketers employ to connect with potential customers, build relationships with those individuals, and continually reevaluate all the aspects of its operations to ensure that it is fulfilling its brand promise and serving all stakeholders to the best of its ability.


The largest and most successful organizations leverage the power of information to facilitate growth.  Are you one of them?  You can be!  Jesse Smith, MBA is a Business Growth Coordinator.  With business school insights and 12 years’ experience as a website programmer, Smith teaches organizations how to connect with communities in a win-win situation for all stakeholders.  Upon earning his MBA in Marketing from City University of Seattle in 2012, Smith moved his family to the Salem area and established Mardesco.  When he’s not busily helping business owners navigate the changing dynamics of the new technology-driven economy, Smith enjoys trees, chess, and books printed on paper


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