PMI Willamette Valley Chapter

PMI Willamette Valley Chapter

Vp of Outreach Candidate

My name is Lauren Brown and I am excited to seek election to the Willamette Valley PMI’s board of directors as Vice President of Outreach. For those of you who don’t know me, I am originally from Eugene and have recently relocated to the Greater Bend Area. For the past eight years, I have worked as a project manager, producer, and multimedia specialist. 

My combination of experience in multimedia and communications as well as business development makes me a strong candidate for this position. My background includes video and audio production, streaming media, social media management, and website development. 

I have served two terms as Board Treasurer for the Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene. In this position, I was responsible for budget forecasting for events with attendees numbering in the hundreds. I have also served on multiple committees with the purpose of event planning and membership outreach. Including a large theater production that resulted in a 25% increase in revenue for the organization. 

In order to increase value for the organization, I strongly feel that it is important to reach out to the community and attract those who may not be aware of the PMI. Positioning ourselves to attract those who may not yet be project managers, are project managers but do not currently hold certifications, or individuals who perform project management as part of another role will be vital to the continued growth of the Willamette Valley chapters. 

I envision a campaign welcoming those who may have limited experience in PMI standards to join us in monthly meetings and other events, thereby creating a welcoming environment for learning and growth. Creating strong relationships with colleges and universities, particularly those with strong management emphasis in their curriculum, such as the Oregon Institute of Technology, will position the chapters to attract emerging professionals. By doing so, we can assure the future of the local chapters by having a strong roster of members from diverse backgrounds. This will enable us to hold more engaging events, have a broader pool of volunteers, and add value to our community. 

Thank you for your consideration for the position of Vice President, Outreach. I look forward to serving you and the Willamette Valley PMI.  

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Lauren Brown

Project Manager with a background in Multimedia. Nearly 8 years of experience as a Project Manager creating technology solutions for healthcare and research. Received repeated promotions and commendations for performing above and beyond established expectations. Strong background in client relations and business development including sales, account management, market research, feasibility and focus group testing, contracting and grant writing. Dedicated to connecting teams in order to bring ideas to life.

Chapter President Candidate

This year has been particularly challenging to Project Managers personally and professionally. It has similarly been a challenge for the Project Management Institute Willamette Valley Chapter as an organization. As a volunteer-led organization, we have had to motivate and encourage when contributors are taxed with their own professional and personal challenges. Traditional methods of meeting, training, and socializing as a professional community have all been upended. Yet, I have seen remarkable resiliency in the PMIWV and its members. When social distancing forced changes in how teams collaborate and communicate, it fell on Project Management professionals to facilitate change, establish channels of communication, and to direct and measure work.

I am inspired by the teams that I work with both professionally and socially. Never before has the need to gather and maintain a professional community of Project Management professionals been more needed. In Government work, we are redesigning processes and delivering critical services to those in need. In Academics, we are finding new ways to facilitate education and deliver tools for fostering collaboration. In Sciences, we are literally working on preventing and curing disease and exploring space. In the Private sector, we are finding new ways to drive innovation and production, despite all traditional facilities and supply chains being disrupted.

I am honored to be a candidate for President of the PMI Willamette Valley chapter and eager to collaborate with the entire membership to learn and share your stories, inspire and welcome new members to the profession, maintain a network of opportunities for professionals volatile times, and to demonstrate the practical skills that are the trademark of being a Project Manager.

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Jay Arrera