Value Pricing Portfolio Manager – Project Manager 3

Transportation Headquarters – Director's Office Salem

Our Office of Innovation partners with internal and external organizations to identify, assess, and promote strategic innovations that advance our multi-modal transportation system in this fast-changing transportation environment. This includes work related to connected and automated vehicles, value pricing / tolling, electric vehicles, road usage charging, and public private partnerships. If you would like to learn more about the work being done by our Office of Innovation, click here to see our website.

We are seeking a value pricing portfolio manager to provide program and project management expertise to key innovative programs, including the value-pricing program. This exciting work includes:

Developing and maintaining program and project definition deliverables, tools, and plans.
Navigating projects through stage gate review and approval processes.
Providing matrix oversight and support for other project managers.
Serving as a representative for the program in state and agency forums.

We invite members of all diverse communities to join our workforce as we endeavor to best serve Oregonians from every background. ODOT values diversity and inclusion because they are good for Oregon. We believe that by welcoming differences, encouraging new ideas and views, listening to and learning from each other, and providing opportunities for professional enrichment we are better able to serve those around us. We thank you for considering this employment opportunity.

Additional Details:
Limited Duration: This is a limited duration appointment that is scheduled to last until 6/30/2019 and may become permanent, though the duration can change at any time due to business needs. Limited duration appointments are regular status, benefits eligible, with a designated maximum length of service.

Job Rotation: We may fill this vacancy with a current state of Oregon employee on a rotational basis. Candidates must be in permanent positions and in good standing to be eligible (limited duration and temporary employees not eligible). This rotation will last until 06/30/2019, but the duration can change at any time depending on business needs.

The successful candidate will become part of the state's management team.
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Duties & Responsibilities
Lead the development of program and project portfolios for value pricing.
Manage program-wide status tracking and reporting.
Ensure compliance with all applicable policies and procedures and apply industry best practices.
Establish standards and guidelines and refine estimates.
Develop and optimize processes and tools for the Director's Office and the Office of Innovation.
Manage key web and process improvement initiatives.
Provide support for the management of value pricing vendors and contracts.
Lead multi-disciplinary teams to ensure project progress is timely and within budget.
Administer, monitor, and approve vendor contracts.
Organize the project team, steering committee, technical advisory committee, and other governance entities.
Identify, analyze, document, and mitigate project risks.
Develop and implement a communications plan for stakeholders.

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