This position is with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife located in Salem.

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Duties & Responsibilities
The Business Process Analyst will develop new policies, processes and procedures that stem from projects which include major business process improvement efforts, system connectivity and integration for cross-functional project teams, other state agencies, and/or special interest groups. As they facilitate the business process change decisions related to the department's programs, this position will perform large-scale and complex business process review studies and ensure the understanding of the impacts and investments required to achieve the department's desired results. Upon decisions to make changes to the department's business processes, this position will implement change processes for both internal and external stakeholders (licensees, staff, Oregon State Police, etc.). These projects often include highly confidential and sensitive financial and personnel-related information. The outcome of this position's work affects the department's ability to collect revenue, how the public and other key stakeholders perceive the department, and the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the department's resources. Major duties and responsibilities are to:

• Gather, organize and analyze comprehensive organizational and operational information of procedures or problem areas within the department to develop solutions or alternative methods of proceeding with implementation of operational and software systems. Prepare management reports defining and evaluating root causes of problems within the department's business processes and communicate potential leverage points to recommended effective and sustainable solutions of operational areas of concern. Work to implement approved systematic changes. Coordinate and support activities of project implementation teams with participating divisions, subject matter experts, senior managers, and other agency staff.

• Lead systems requirements analysis and verification for large-case/mission-critical projects. Ensure requirement statements are complete, consistent, concise, comprehensive, traceable, feasible, unambiguous and verifiable. May require developing and effectively recommending new standards of operations.

• Plan, assign, review and approve work to project and division team members and vendors assisting in analysis and project delivery.

• Conduct comprehensive cost estimating, budgeting and analysis for needed resources and present information for consideration. If needed, identify alternative methods to acquire resources to help protect department funds from project cost overruns.

• Develop and maintain productive working relationships with staff within the Department of Administrative Services, other state agencies, and ODFW staff with whom work must be coordinated or interfaced. Work effectively with senior-level decision-makers and their staff. Communicate in non-technical language.

• Coordinate and collaborate with a diverse set of stakeholders; identify, balance, and prioritize their needs with the needs of the department effectively.

• Identify needed data, including financial data, which will inform decisions regarding where to focus the department's business process review efforts, by highest to lowest priority. Work with subject matter experts to obtain data and then use the data to inform decisions on process improvement areas of focus. Use the data in the design and creation of new department business processes.

• In response to the business process review work led by this position, initiate the appropriate policy, process, administrative rule and statutory updates to reflect changes made to the department's business processes and changes in policy direction.

• Identify, prioritize, and review key policy issues relating to the department's ability to accomplish its mission, operate efficiently and effectively, and in alignment with the department's strategic plan and vision. Plan, create, coordinate and/or initiate necessary policy changes to realize final necessary change management.

• Identify stakeholder groups, external and internal, that will inform the department's business process changes and policy updates. Ensure stakeholders have a clear understanding of the need for change and what the changes are. Use feedback from stakeholders to determine and implement actions to meet desired outcomes.

• Consider the policies associated with the processes within the Administrative Divisions and in the Operational Programs to evaluate opportunities to make updates and ensure accuracy. Make recommendations to the Deputy Directors and MRD Administrator on opportunities for streamlining, better service delivery, and changes and to policy direction.

• Department-wide and Cross-Agency Project Direction/Management – Directs/Manages large-scale and complex business projects on behalf of the Director and Deputy Director of Administration. Projects include those with department-wide impact, impact to other state agencies, and direct impact to licensees to promote efficient and effective management of department business processes and systems.

• Manages complex projects from initiation to implementation, including obtaining stakeholder commitments, demonstration of business needs and project feasibility. These projects are large in scope and may involve coordination and integration with efforts within other state agencies and the Department of Administrative Services. Work products are highly visible and of significant interest to the public, licensees, legislators, the Governor, and other stakeholders.

• Re-engineer key business processes to create efficiencies and overall business process improvement opportunities across the Department. Develops new analytical methods and business models to create on-going improvement in service delivery effectiveness. Align overall strategic goals and project or process priorities within the department. Ensuring project elements either align with the department's policies, rules, and laws, or initiate the needed changes.

• Responsible for ensuring the correct resources are involved in projects by organizing project teams according to requirements. Strategically assemble and lead multi-functional project teams to define project scope, specifications, and service level agreements, identify time frame, funding limitations, methods for accomplishing project deliverables, and allotments of available resources at the proper project phase or step. Provides guidance on issue resolution. Advise department leadership on navigation strategies and existence of risk.

• Responsible for the development and maintenance of standard project management deliverables, including: business cases, project charters, project plans, preliminary budget requirements and timelines, procedures to capture project plan changes, status reports, briefing memos, contract deliverables, risk mitigation and analysis documents, lessons learned or project performance evaluation documents, and other close-out reports.

• Prepare and track project budgets, coordinate cost estimates, and summarize total expected costs and participating agency monetary commitments.

• Develop and enforce project standards that are in compliance with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and other relevant industry standards. Work projects through the requirements of the Office of the State Chief Information Officer, including the requirements of the Stage Gate process, when relevant.

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