Youth and Social Impact Liaison

The PMIWV is looking for a volunteer to lead our Youth and Social Impact efforts.

Purpose and Focus of the Role

• The purpose of the youth and social impact coordinator role is to merge and align the work done by the chapter volunteer who is currently occupying the volunteer role of academic outreach and the PMIEF (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation) liaison. • In January 2020, PMI announced a focused strategy on reaching youth (ages 5–35) and introducing them to project management as a life skill. Changing the PMIEF liaison role and the PMI academic outreach role aligns with the strategy. It supports the chapter's local outreach to all youth-serving entities, local and regional.

What is my focus supposed to be?

• As the YSIC in your local PMI chapter, the focus is to lead, manage, organize and collect outreach data from the chapter. The focus is on using leadership skills to develop and oversee all local chapter programming, focusing on youth (ages 5–35) and social impact. • The YSIC will partner with PMI staff and other volunteers to provide updates on programs, reports and, at times, serve as a guest speaker during monthly global YSIC virtual training.

Why connect social good with youth?

• Youth are changemakers and social good is action that provides benefits to the public. Social good is about getting people to engage in local and global pro-social acts that benefit society and bring people together to change the world through engagement, shareability and project management. Connecting youth to project management as a skill provides an opportunity for learning skills to apply to their lives, local communities and professional paths. • Young people are global leaders, setting trends and leading change unapologetically. PMI's goal is to partner with local, national and global organizations that support and prepare youth for success by offering project management expertise, resources and mentors to aid them in their purpose.

You can find out more information with the PMI Youth and Social Impact FAQ:

If you are intersted in volunteering for this role, please contact