Eugene Branch Meeting

Thursday, February 9, 2023 16:30 PM

990 W 1st Ave, Eugene, OR 97402, USA

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events


Eugene Branch Meeting

02-09-2023 4:30 pm -6:00 pm

Come join our Februray Eugene Branch Meeitng. Please note the location has changed to Hop Valley for better parking. 


Salem Branch Meeting - February 2023

02-13-2023 5:00 pm -6:00 pm
Salem Branch Meeting - February 2023

Join your fellow PMI members throughout Salem and surrounding areas to network and discuss other topics, hosted by Krista Cooper, Salem Branch President.


Central Oregon Project Managers Meeting - Feburary 2023

02-14-2023 5:00 pm -6:00 pm
Central Oregon Project Managers Meeting - Feburary 2023

Join your fellow Project Managers throughout the Central Oregon area to network and discuss project management.  This meeting will be located at Worthy Brewing and hosted by Jonathan Love.

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We've Got A New Look!

Because it is so visual, you might think that our new logo, colors, typography and symbols are the “new brand.” But these images are only a visual representation of our new brand position, which is the core of PMI as we begin our next 50 years.

When the Project Management Institute was founded 50 years ago, project management wasn’t a thing yet—it was a small group of people talking about new tools, and processes that were changing the way work was being done. Our founders had the foresight to create an organization that would help people deliver results as their work changed. We’re carrying on that vision with our new brand.

We’re planting a flag in the future as ways of working continue to change. PM’s Value Delivery Landscape encompasses all of what we do today, all of the new offerings and knowledge we now have through our friends at Disciplined Agile and Flex, and is broad enough to keep us relevant through whatever is next – whether that’s citizen developer, low code/no code, quantum computing, or something completely new that will emerge as we continue to integrate technology into our ways of working.

Whatever that looks like, PMI powers The Project Economy, strengthening society by enabling organizations and empowering people to make ideas a reality.

The new logos, symbols and graphics are the visual representation of this new position, and PMI’s intent to be the leading voice in the future.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 608
New Members This Year 39
PMP® Members 303
CAPM® Members 35
PgMP® Members 1
PMI-SP® Members 1
PMI-RMP® Members 0
PMI-ACP® Members 18
PfMP® Members 1
PMI-PBA® Members 2
Members with no Certification 271
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 600
Student Members 5
Other Members 3
PMP/CAPM/PgMP/PMI-SP/PMI-RMP/PMI-ACP/PfMP/PMI-PBA are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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Members in Spotlight

  • Wyatt Williams
  • Nathan McNicholas
  • Kelly Yearick
  • Caleb Trautwein
  • Andrea Wickberg, PMP
  • Cari Jacobs
  • Harry Benson
  • Jared Moreda, CAPM
  • Jacob Jakubek, PMP
  • Michelle Pierson
  • Jan-Jacques Theron
  • Elizabeth Rogers, CAPM
  • Jonathan Garrett
  • Anay Hausner
  • Susie Serres
  • Susan Edmonds
  • Christy Aleen Cox, CAPM
  • Daniel Jefferies
  • Shane Fleig
  • Randy Arizmendiz
  • Laura Creek
  • Chris Deese
  • Bryce Benedict
  • John Skelly
  • Thomas Beebe
  • Kathryn Anicker
  • Chad Ripper, PMP
  • Vikranth Vaddi, PMI-ACP
  • Devon Slavkovsky
  • Xinyan Li
  • Tina Bowness, CAPM
  • Alicia Miller
  • Ron Alvey, PMI-ACP
  • Sandra Lane
  • James McMahan
  • Kevin Brown
  • Matthew Webb
  • Catherine Birney
  • Katherine Oldham, PMP

  • Nicholas Roche, PMP
  • Luke A Widows, PMP
  • Andrew Richards, PMP
  • Shelby Ness, PMP
  • Rebecca Schultz, PMP

  • Kim Calvery, PMP

  • Shannon McCallen, PMP
  • Michael Eldridge, PMP

  • Royce Tokar, PMP
  • Steven Wollenburg, PMP

  • Janell Boone, PMP
  • Anne Therese, PMP
  • Brian Hall
  • Yandara Linnane
  • Jennifer Johnson, PMP
  • Nichole Pyle, PMP
  • Michael Maturen
  • David Scheufeli, CAPM
  • Patricia Rice, PMP
  • Vanessa Moser, PMP
  • Andrew Haman, PMP
  • Janice Halka
  • Brady Kimball
  • Brittany Daoud, PMP
  • Lisa Wood, PMP
  • Megan Davis, PMP
  • Sihin Seyfou
  • Forest Ingram, PMP
  • Bethany Sutton, PMP
  • Carah Garstka, CAPM
  • David Kizzia, PMP
  • Matt Barton, PMP
  • John Majzner, PMP
  • Deonne Schoner, PMP
  • Jordan Heide
  • Ashley Robinson, PMP
  • Daniel Kaler, PMP
  • Steven McCarthy, PMP
  • Laura Tryon
  • Daniel Budzko, PMP,PMI-PBA
  • Monica Sim
  • Cathy Flager, PMP
  • Shannon McCallen, PMP
  • Michael Eldridge, PMP
  • Simrat Khalsa
  • Royce Tokar, PMP
  • Frank Kuchta, PMP
  • Klint Peterson, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Ann Andrews, PMP

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